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Water Inspection Template Editor for Construction Company

We were tasked with integrating a template editor into an existing location manager software used by a construction company for stormwater management. This integration aimed to streamline the processes of scheduling inspections, checking for deficiencies, and viewing site details. The company decided to develop this software in response to government demands for standardized templates in reporting and documentation.

Location: USA

Business Domain: Construction

Solution: Web app

Engagement model: Solution based

Key Technologies: React


The client's existing software lacked a template editor, making it challenging to create and manage standardized templates required by government regulations. This limitation resulted in time-consuming manual processes and potential inconsistencies in reporting and documentation.


To address this challenge, we developed a custom template editor software that integrates seamlessly with the client’s existing location manager system. This new feature allowed users to create, edit, and manage templates directly within the software, ensuring consistency and compliance with government demands. The template editor was designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and a straightforward interface, making it accessible even for users with limited technical expertise.


The integration of the template editor significantly streamlined the reporting and documentation process for the client. Users could now quickly and easily create standardized templates, ensuring compliance with government regulations and reducing the risk of inconsistencies. This enhancement not only saved time but also improved the accuracy and reliability of the client’s reporting and documentation processes.

Additionally, the template editor became a valuable asset for the company, as it could be sold as a standalone product or bundled with their existing software, creating a new revenue stream and increasing the company’s market competitiveness.

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