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Logistics Fleet Tracking Mobile App

The transition from paper to digital was the primary goal of a US logistics firm. We catered to this need by designing a mobile app, enabling dispatchers and truck drivers to seamlessly assign and accept jobs. The solution streamlined operations, offering real-time GPS-based tracking and enhanced communication.

Location: USA

Business Domain: Logistics

Solution: Mobile app, QA, UI/UX

Engagement model: Solution Based

Key Technologies: JavaScript, React JS, Java, AWS, Node JS, Event driven programming


The client, a prominent US logistics company, was grappling with the inefficiencies of manual operations. Historically, dispatchers relied heavily on paper to assign jobs to truck drivers. Recognizing the urgent need to streamline and automate this process, the client envisioned two distinct mobile apps tailored for dispatchers and truck drivers.


In close collaboration with the client, we developed a holistic mobile application designed to bridge the gap between dispatchers and truck drivers. The application introduces a streamlined platform for job assignments and acceptances.

One of its standout features is the capability to add both trucks and drivers within the app, optimizing the matching process. As jobs are made available, drivers have the autonomy to accept assignments based on material quantity and the requirement of a trailer. This ensures that tasks are efficiently matched with available and suitable drivers, eliminating any potential mismatches.

Furthermore, to offer real-time visibility and tracking, the application incorporates GPS integration, allowing for historical data analysis and graphical chart representation. Each truck is equipped with a GPS transponder that constantly transmits its location to the backend. This live data ensures dispatchers can instantly identify available trucks, greatly enhancing fleet management.


The client expressed profound satisfaction with the mobile application, primarily attributing their contentment to the notable reduction in paperwork and the automation of previously manual tasks. The app has fundamentally transformed their operations, offering unmatched visibility over their truck fleet and enabling the effortless assignment and tracking of jobs. By digitizing and optimizing their logistics workflow, the client is now positioned to harness greater operational efficiency and improve overall service delivery.

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