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Smart Marine Terminal

In the intricate world of port operations, safety and efficiency reign supreme. We developed an AI-powered solution for a marine terminal, processing live video feeds to identify potential hazards and immediately notify relevant personnel, ensuring top-notch safety standards.

Location: Romania

Business Domain: Logistics

Solution: ML, Data Analytics

Engagement model: Solution Based

Key Technologies: CCTV, Python,PyTorch, Streamit, MongoDB


In the complex and often hazardous environment of port operations, ensuring safety is paramount. With this in mind, our data team embarked on a mission to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) that would automate port operations and significantly heighten safety levels.

This endeavor aimed to process real-time video feeds, employing Machine Learning (ML) models to keenly analyze the positioning and movement of individuals, thereby promptly notifying relevant personnel of potential hazards.


The infrastructure for this innovative solution harnesses CCTV cameras, which continually relay video feeds via FFMPEG. The proprietary ML models developed by us, are meticulously designed to detect not just the presence of an individual, but also their exact positioning, movements, and even safety gear. The system can identify if an individual is approaching a danger or hazardous zone and check whether they are donning safety vests or helmets, crucial attire in such environments.

Beyond immediate safety measures, the system also offers extended analytics, like evaluating the time a truck spends within the port terminal. This insightful data can be instrumental in comprehending challenges associated with loading operations and highlighting areas ripe for improvement.


The result is a pioneering application tailored for the modern port, aiming to automate crucial aspects of inland operations while placing a premium on safety. With its real-time monitoring and immediate alert system, the risks associated with cargo lifting, heavy machinery movement, and other hazardous tasks are substantially mitigated.

By ensuring operators and staff are promptly alerted when entering risky zones without adequate safety gear, the application promotes a culture of safety and precaution. Our Smart Marine Terminal application is a testament to how cutting-edge technology can be leveraged to create safer, more efficient working environments.

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