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Site Manager for Construction Company

We enhanced a construction company’s stormwater management operations in the USA by integrating a React application with their existing location manager software. This solution streamlined the scheduling of inspections, deficiency checks, and site management, addressing the client's need for a more efficient and user-friendly system.

Location: USA

Business Domain: Construction

Solution: Web dev, UI/UX

Engagement model: Staff augmentation

Key Technologies: React, PHP,  Redux Toolkit, RTK Quarries, Figma


The client’s original software was limited in functionality, lacking the ability to efficiently schedule inspections and manage site information. The process of checking for deficiencies and viewing site details was cumbersome and time-consuming. The client needed a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing system, providing a more user-friendly interface and additional functionalities to streamline their operations.


Leveraging our expertise in custom software development, we provided a state-of-the-art solution by integrating a React application with the client’s original software. This integration facilitated a smoother workflow, enabling users to view site information, schedule inspections, and manage events all in one place.

A comprehensive calendar feature was implemented, displaying all site inspections and allowing admins to create events and assign inspections to users. Users were also given the ability to add events to their Google Calendar or Outlook, thanks to the integration with calendar APIs. Additionally, a custom API was developed to generate roads on the map based on the date of the event, further enhancing the user experience and operational efficiency.


The integration provided by us revolutionized the client's operations, making the process of managing stormwater locations, scheduling inspections, and checking for deficiencies significantly more efficient. The React application’s user-friendly interface, combined with the integrations and custom API, streamlined the workflow, saved time, and reduced operational errors. Users were now able to manage their schedules more effectively, with all necessary information readily available and easily accessible.

The ability to add events to personal calendars and view roads on the map based on the date of the event further enhanced the planning and management of inspections. The client was highly satisfied with the solution provided by us, which not only met but exceeded their expectations, leading to improved operational efficiency and productivity in managing stormwater locations.

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