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Reporting Tool for a Infrastructure Company

A leading US infrastructure company was in dire need of a dynamic tool that could distill insights from construction jobs for advanced planning and analysis. We delivered an event-driven AWS solution that rendered comprehensive visuals and detailed reports, revolutionizing the company's data interpretation process.

Location: USA

Business Domain: Infrastructure

Solution: Reporting, Development, UI/UX Design

Engagement model: Staff augmentation

Key Technologies: JavaScript, React JS, Java, AWS, dynamoDB, Amazon Athena


Our client, a prominent US construction company, sought an efficient reporting functionality to garner both current and historical insights on dispatched construction jobs. This feature was crucial for meticulous planning and thorough analysis of both planned and executed work. The client aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the dynamics involved in job dispatching to enhance their operational planning and analysis.


To address this vital need, we developed an event-driven AWS solution crafted to visually delineate the status of jobs assigned to specific staff members. The innovative system provides immediate status updates, indicating whether a staff member has accepted or declined a task with a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ response. Backend operations are streamlined with the use of JSON files, which work seamlessly with set reply due timeframes to ensure efficient tracking and reporting of job statuses.


With our solution in place, the dispatcher now efficiently creates between 20 to 40 jobs daily, engaging 5 to 10 Full-Time Employees (FTEs) within each team. The reporting tool meticulously provides data for each job number, compiling a comprehensive list of assigned crew members alongside their respective statuses. This innovative approach not only automates the dispatcher's workflow significantly but also offers an instant, clear overview of work statuses across multiple construction sites. Compared to the previously manual dispatching process, the newly implemented reporting tool has been instrumental in automating workflows, thus enhancing efficiency and providing instant insights into the status of work at various construction sites. Through this technological leap, the client can now enjoy streamlined operations and improved efficiency in managing and analyzing dispatched jobs.

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