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Mobile App for Tracking of Marine and Air Shipment

A global forwarding company was keen on expanding its tracking capabilities to the mobile frontier. Our team responded with a user-friendly mobile application, downloadable across major platforms, empowering users with real-time shipment tracking, advanced search functionalities, and real-time notifications.

Location: UK, Hong Kong

Business Domain: Logistics

Solution: Mobile App

Engagement model: Solution based

Key Technologies: iOS, Android, React Native


Our client, a global forwarding company, presented a need to develop a mobile application that would allow end users to track shipments in real time. Before approaching us, the client operated without a mobile application, creating a gap in user experience for those who preferred real-time tracking on mobile devices.


Understanding the ever-growing demand for mobility and ease of access, our team expanded the client's digital landscape by developing a mobile version of their existing web application. This mobile application, readily available for download on both the AppStore and Play Market, boasts a suite of features that parallel the web version. It allows users to view shipments on a live map, thanks to an integrated solution with MarineTraffic.

Furthermore, users can conveniently search for a vessel by name, shipment number, or IMO. The application also offers details like the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and the port of arrival. An added functionality sends out notifications to users when a vessel approaches a specific area, ensuring timely and relevant updates.


The client expressed immense satisfaction with the mobile version of the application. With it, end customers can now access vital shipment information on-the-go, not being confined to a web interface. The ability to view the current position of shipments and receive timely notifications directly on their mobile devices has significantly enhanced user experience and satisfaction. This development has not only addressed a modern user's demand for mobility but has also fortified the client's reputation as a forward-thinking global forwarding company.

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