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Equipment Management Cloud Based Application

A leading US construction entity grappled with ensuring the timely availability and operability of equipment. Our team rose to the occasion with a cloud-based application, replete with real-time monitoring and image analysis features. This solution optimized equipment readiness, fostering efficient project executions.

Location: USA

Business Domain: Construction

Solution: Cloud based, Analytics, Forecasting

Engagement model: Staff augmentation

Key Technologies: AWS, Lambda Snowflake,Tableau, Python, Tensorflow


The client, a leading US construction company, expressed a need for real-time, accurate information regarding the availability and operability of construction equipment used by preceding work shifts. This crucial data would facilitate efficient forecasting and planning for future assignments, ensuring the right equipment is available and operational when needed. Previously, the client faced uncertainty about the number, type, and operational status of available equipment, which hindered effective planning for upcoming jobs and often led to data capture errors.


We responded to this challenge by developing a cloud-based application designed for equipment forecasting and management. The application utilizes historical data from previous periods, considering the number and type of equipment required for future projects. Our engineering team crafted a user-friendly dashboard using Tableau, which serves as a vital tool for equipment operators. This tool enables operators to report on equipment that has been utilized and has subsequently left the storage facility. The process involves operators taking pictures of the equipment and checking its operability. The system then analyzes these images, identifying equipment ID and comparing the visual data with a comprehensive database of all available equipment for precise identification and status reporting.


The implemented stock monitoring tool is now actively used by equipment operators, providing a reliable solution for the client’s equipment management needs. Prior to the introduction of this tool, the client struggled with uncertainty regarding the availability and operability of equipment necessary for future jobs, often encountering issues with incorrect data capture. The newly deployed application has effectively eliminated these errors, offering automated data capturing and forecasting functionalities. This enhancement in equipment management not only ensures accurate planning and forecasting but also significantly reduces the risk of operational delays due to equipment unavailability or malfunction, leading to smoother project executions.

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