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Daily Equipment Inspection Application for a Infrastructure Company

To address delayed equipment inspections and OSHA compliance issues, we delivered a user-friendly mobile application, facilitating immediate communication between equipment operators and the maintenance team. This solution swiftly improved compliance and maintenance efficiency, transforming the inspection process into a seamless and effective operation.

Location: USA

Business Domain: Logistics

Solution: Mobile App

Engagement model: Solution based

Key Technologies: AWS, Lambda, TypeScript, Snowflake, Tableau, Python, DBT, Twilio


The client was grappling with substantial difficulties in documenting daily equipment inspections in accordance with OSHA regulations. There was a glaring disconnect, as the actual condition of the equipment was not being communicated swiftly and accurately to the maintenance team, creating significant operational hiccups.


In response to this challenge, we developed an innovative mobile text messaging-based application tailored to simplify and expedite the inspection process. This application empowered equipment operators to verbally relay inspection details to their phones, capture and attach relevant images, and promptly transmit this comprehensive inspection data directly to the maintenance team. This ensured immediate action when necessary, while also meticulously recording each inspection for future reference.


The introduction of this user-friendly communication method was met with enthusiasm and rapid adoption by the craft personnel, significantly enhancing compliance with OSHA requirements in a matter of days. The maintenance team’s operations saw marked improvement due to the real-time relay of equipment conditions, enabling more timely and effective interventions. Ultimately, this innovative solution not only streamlined compliance and maintenance procedures but also fostered a more proactive and efficient operational environment.

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