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Cloud Based Logistics Fleet Tracking App

The intricacies of logistics demanded a solution for efficient fleet management and tracking. We developed a cloud-based app, allowing for comprehensive fleet management, dynamic scheduling, and seamless communication, effectively automating previously manual processes.

Location: USA

Business Domain: Logistics

Solution: Cloud, Data Analytics

Engagement model: Solution Based

Key Technologies: Google Cloud, Java


In the fast-paced world of logistics, real-time tracking and efficient fleet management are of utmost importance. Recognizing this, our data team embarked on the journey to develop a fleet tracking application that would use GPS to monitor orders transported by trucks, ensuring timely deliveries and efficient route planning.


The resulting app is a comprehensive cloud-based solution tailored for effective fleet management. It empowers the company to not only manage their in-house fleet of trucks but also seamlessly integrate and manage third-party fleets. The application boasts a suite of features including the ability to place orders, meticulously schedule truck routes, and automate communication through email, thereby reducing manual intervention and potential human errors.

Additionally, the application provides users with a feature to share the GPS link of an ongoing trip, enabling stakeholders to view the live position of the truck, review the driver's schedule, and identify their starting point. We further enhanced the system's flexibility by implementing dynamic settings. This allows users to easily input various parameters like trucks, materials, trailers, and truck types, adapting the application to specific needs. The web application serves as a central hub for operators to dispatch assignments, formulate orders for truck drivers, and vigilantly monitor route execution through an intuitive GPS map complemented by robust data analytics.


Our cloud-based logistics fleet tracking app has revolutionized the way the company manages its logistics operations. The application facilitates effortless planning, dispatching of orders, and the scheduling of driver itineraries. It also streamlines communication, especially with third-party fleets, ensuring synchronization in operations.

One of the significant impacts post-implementation has been the notable reduction in paperwork, replaced by digital, easily accessible records. The visual component of the app, providing real-time tracking and analytics, has further enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency, driving the company towards logistics excellence.

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